BEST FRIENDS Max & Simba Dog and Cat Portrait Oil Painting

Max and Simba
"Best Friends"
20x16 inches / oil on canvas
I must admit, every time I create a new painting it seems to be my "new" favorite and this is no exception.  Not only are Max and Simba sitting perfectly together for a wonderful composition, but they are particularly dramatic with the lighting and the fact that this painting features them lifesized!  I'm still surprised as I study this portrait on my easel.  I'd only painted one other lifesized which was a gorgeous white Poodle named Leo, at the shore (see older posts).  This was a last minute request from a client for a Christmas gift which gave me only a few days to paint it!  Being that I normally paint in thin glazes and the fact that this palette is predominantly earth tones which cover well and dry extremely quickly, I knew I could do it with such a stringent timeframe.  I think I only have two more pet portraits to complete before year end!  Coming next are Leslie's Jilly and Tucker in her beautiful French Shop in Colonial Williamsburg, then white, fluffy Daisy! :o)

Sincerest heartfelt thanks to all of you for helping make this another great year! I truly can’t tell you how much it means to me to have such wonderful patrons, colleagues, friends and followers who not only enrich my life on so many levels, but who aid in the process of making it all physically possible to continue painting!
Love and blessings to you all! With deepest gratitude,

English Springer Spaniels Brown and White Custom Portrait

Plum and Hudson
8x10 inches / oil on panel
Two gorgeous English Springer Spaniels lounge together like a perfect living sculpture here on this soft blue and gold rug, a perfect backdrop to accentuate their beautiful bone structure and long, silky fur.

Miniature Oil Portrait "Glorious Freedom" Bailey in the Mountains

"Glorious Freedom"
7x5 inches / oil on panel
What a beautiful way to memorialize a beloved pet. Here Bailey is shown in a spectacular landscape symbolizing freedom of spirit. Truly a special gift from mother to daughter after an unexpected loss.

Oil Painting Pet Portrait Ragdoll Cat Kitten

10x8 inches, oil on panel
This is my second portrait of Osa, the first being 7x5 inches.  Here she is painted lifesized, which was a particular delight!

Buster, a Beagle mix, also a rescued dog, is snuggled in orange striped sheets and cozy floral quilt

8x10 inches / oil on panel
...and here's Maggie's new brother, Buster, a Beagle mix who is also a rescued pup!  When you scroll down to see Maggie, you'll realize that it was truly a blessing that Buster was offered for adoption at the same time.  I suspect that Buster helped Maggie recover from her intense fear, and likewise, Maggie must have helped Buster.  Together they are enjoying a new life full of love and security with lots of play time!  They're truly special little pups.  Everytime I've heard of rescued animals being adopted, and from my own personal experiences, it seems they never forget who saved them!  I just love stories like Maggie and Buster with happy endings...or shall I say happy beginnings! 
If you have a story of rescuing a pup, kitty, bird or horse whose portrait you'd like painted, please email me at 

Oil painting of Maggie a Rat Terrier who is a rescued pup happy in her new home! orange & white striped sheets & quilt

10x8 inches / oil on panel
Maggie, a Rat Terrier, was rescued by my client's daughter when she saw a photo of her online.  It was love at first sight!  So, although ill at the time, she hopped on a train and endured the 3+ hour ride to meet Maggie for the first time.  They had another pup there also, just in case she didn't like Maggie.  Well, you can anticipate the happy ending...she took both home right away!  Maggie spent the first week in her new home, huddled in a corner shivering with fear, but as you can see, her recovery is fabulous!  Love conquers all.  Look for her new brother, Buster a Beagle mix, coming up on my blog tomorrow!

Fawn Resting Amidst the Long Grass - Available

Fawn Resting
4x4 inches / oil on panel
Having a creative spirit as well as the fact that my medium is oils which is slow drying, means that I'm always working on numerous paintings simultaneously.  When I receive commissioned orders I'll put my other paintings in storage somewhere in my studio until I have time or happen to come across them again . . . or as with this precious little fawn, I just glanced upon it in my PC images.  Therefore, it's my pleasure to offer this charming "Little Gem" oil painting to you for purchase (click here).

Westie Dog in Santa Hat West Highland Terrier Holiday

Original Oil Painting
Who can resist this darling little face waiting so patiently for Santa to arrive?  Decked out in an old fashioned Santa cap of soft red velvet, trimmed in fur, bells and holly, this adorable Westie pup awaits the arrival of Santa Claus! 

BERT Poodle Puppy on Oriental Rug Sage Celery Green Wall

8x10 inches, oil on panel
This is Robin's new puppy, Bert!  She'd just had three pet portraits done and when she recently saw my painting of "Sammi" (scroll down) she was so surprised at the similarities that she immediately requested a portrait of her darling little Bert.  Scroll down to see Bert's new siblings, Lilly, Penny and Sandy.

Here's Yogi, Smokey's brother oil paintings pet portraits from your photos Westie West Highland Terrier

8x10 inches / oil on panel
Here's darling Yogi, Smokey's brother!  Adorably windswept, Yogi sits contentedly on the dock with the color of Autumn grasses in the background.  What a beautiful day to be remembered!
Westie West Highland Terrier 
(I've since added details in his eyes.)

Smokey Caim Terrier dog portrait oil painting

8x10 inches / oil on panel
Smokey, a  Cairn Terrier , is an absolutely adorable standing here in dappled sunlight with that happy, perky expression!  Who couldn't fall in love?  Her sibling, a Westie aptly named Yogi, will be posted tomorrow.
To commission your pet's portrait email me.

dog portrait in oil Black English Springer Spaniel Victorian bed blue floral sheets

8x10 inches / oil on panel
A most delightful scene of serenity, a darling black and white English Springer Spaniel sits quite contentedly amidst fresh blue and white floral sheets in a Victorian bed with inlaid floral swags.  I always say it, but as I'm a still life artist first, these extra details in my pet portraits are an extra joy for me while painting!  The moment I saw the photo reference of Finn I knew I had to paint his portrait!

darling Cavalier King Charles Spaniel peeking out from antiques in a French Shop Miniature Oil Pet Portrait

7x5 inches / oil on panel
Molly is a darling Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who loves rummaging about Leslie's French Shop in Williamsburg, VA.  (I'll get her shop name / link for you!)  Being an interior designer, she wanted to show as much of her shop as possible in this tiny little portrait.  There will be another somewhat larger portrait of Molly's siblings, Tucker and Jilly coming next week so keep looking!
If you'd like to commission a pet portrait email me at

BIRD PARROT PORTRAIT OIL PAINTING vibrantly colored Rosella Parrot Tiger Lily bird eating corn

"Tiger Lily"
8x10 inches / oil on panel
Carol describes her beautiful Tiger Lily as a little scampy, befitting her slightly disheveled appearance.  As her "ruffled feathers are uniquely her "style", I felt it would be best to accentuate Tiger Lily's darling silhouette by placing her against a lighter background.  It was a little daring for me since most of my subjects, both still lifes and portarits, are set against medium toned or darker backgrounds.  This was a wonderful change and so suitable for spunky little Tiger Lily!

exquisite Ragdoll cat on teal moire sofa with floral tapestry pillow oil painting

7x5 inches / oil on panel
Osa is an absolutely exquisite Ragdoll cat with big blue eyes, who is pictured here on a teal moire, tufted sofa with fringed, floral tapestry pillow.  She is only a 10 month old kitten but will become quite big as an adult, and is very lovable.  Just imagine snuggling kisses in all that thick fur! 

Sammi white poodle puppy original oil painting custom pet dog portrait

12x16 inches / oil on panel
 (Please excuse sway from digital camera; I really need another SLR.)
I love when people tell me a little about their pets so I can think about them while painting; somehow that helps me connect to them which always makes for a better painting.  When I first saw the reference photo of Sammi, my reaction was sheer delight!  Then I began considering cropping and editing the image to improve the composition, i.e., remove horizontal white moulding behind her head, etc.  However, something was lost in the process.  Yes, the result was a better composition but a little magic was lost, then I realized why!  Part of the undeniable charm of Sammi was her small proportion, enhanced by the background moulding and wide layout.  So in this case, although contrary to my design instinct, I chose to work as closely as possible to the photo reference in order to retain that irresistible, "Awwww," when I first saw her!  :o)


(digital camera puts a horizontal sway in pics)
Two more paintings in progress this week, Finn and Sammi.  I expect to have darling little Sammi done in one more sitting then rush shipment later this week.  Beautiful Finn is in a Victorian bed with lovely blue & white linens which you'll see emerge shortly in the next sitting with him. 
A personal note....
Please note that all the portraits in my commission list will be done very shortly!  I'm working overtime to meet the demands and this week has really put me over the hurdle of feeling overwhelmed with orders!  I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to share in the special bond between you and your precious pets.  With that in mind, I'd like to mention that I'd be delighted to paint people portraits as well, especially since that's the first subject I pursued decades ago.  Of particular joy would be to have the chance to paint someone with their pets, perhaps your spouse, children, grandchildren or yourself with your furred or feathered friends! :o) 
Please email your images for a quote on a custom painting of

three oil paintings in progress, bird, dog, cat portraits

From Left:  Tiger Lily, Molly and Osa
Anticipated completion Thursday

Here's Tiger Lily eating a piece of corn.  Her feathers aren't done yet, and as the photo pictures her on top of the cage without her tail showing, I added that and am still deciding just how I want to depict her placement, i.e., what table style, angle, etc. I must say that there's something lovely about a white background for a change, but I'll likely just do a soft, neutral such as light taupe...or as I think about it, perhaps just a shadow under her rather than a that would be fun wouldn't it!  (Pic shows unedited image w/ evening lighting.)
In the first image above, Molly is inspecting her mom's French shop chock full of goodies, and Osa is snuggling in a teal moire Victorian chair with lovely rose embellished pillow.  Being a still life artist who's recently begun exploring pet portraiture, I must admit that these two paintings provided a bit more delight with all the extras in the backgrounds.  Of course I adore birds as many of you know from having seen them in my still life paintings peeking out amidst fruit and flowers as well as the extensive nest paintings I've also done over recent years.  Well, it's a late night again at the easel, now 1:30 AM but wanted to post these for you to see.  Tomorrow I'll be checking on Sammi's portrait to see if it's dry enough for the final detailing -- I'm thinking it may need one more day to dry.  With white I can't layer it too much or it just gets lost and blended.  To keep it crisp and alive I need to wait for the layers to dry.  Okay, signing off for now, but more coming during the week!
(Also, one still life and three portraits are shipping on Monday.)

UPDATED COMMISSION SCHEDULE crowd of new friends up this week, feathered and furred, custom pet portraits, paintings in oil

current commission schedule
(reference pics shown)
RASCAL for Kathy - hold - pics to be taken after Rascal's recovery 8x10
SWEETPEA for Iraida - shipped
CARMEN MIRANDA for Faye - shipped
LACEY for John - shipped
nest still life for Nancy - shipped
IZZY NOEL for Jackie - shipped
hydrangea still life for Marti - shipped
5x5 rosebud - done
music themed nest for DPI - done, shipped
PENNY, Morkie for Robin - done, shipped
LILLY, Bichon puppy for Robin - done, shipped
SANDY, yellow Lab for Robin - done, shipped
RUSTY for Dorise - done, shipped
SAMMI for Theresa 12x16 - done, shipped
SCOTTIE and FUJEE, cats for Dorise - done, shipped
OSA, Ragdoll kitty for Marilyn 7x5 done, shipped
TIGER LILY Rosella Parrot for Carol 8x10 done, shipped
MOLLY in French shop for Leslie 7x5 done, shipped
FINN, English Springer Spaniel in Victorian bed for Sueanne 8x10 done, shipped
ALEX PEREZ GALLERY Fall Exhibition  done, emailed
SMOKEY for Susan 8x10 done, shipped
YOGI on the dock for Susan 8x10 done, shipped
Pumpkins 10x8 for Nancy done, shipped

BERT for Robin 8x10 done, shipped
WESTIE in Santa Hat done, emailed
BUSTER, Beagle Mix in the covers 8x10 for Deborah, done, shipped
MAGGIE, Rat Terrier in the covers 8x10 for Deborah, done, shipped
8x10 big OSA for Marilyn done, shipped
5x7 BAILEY in the Mountains for Robin, done, shipped
8x10 HUDSON and PLUM for Carl, done, shippped
5x5 yellow roses in spode teacup for Jeannie, done, shipped
20x16 Max and Simba for Annalisa done, shipped
TUCKER and JILLY in French shop for Leslie 9x12 done, shipped
10x8 nest for Nancy done, shipped
8x8 yellow lily for Marti done, shipped
8x8 roses in basket for Marti done, shipped
8x8 asst. floral with nest for Marti, done, shipped
Hydrangeas / Lilies for Kate 20x16, done
14x11 DAISY for Anne, done

gorgeous cats caramel black long haired custom pet paintings in oil

"Fujee and Scottie"
12x12 inches / oil on panel
Two stunning, long haired cats are poised together on this white painted desk. While this painting is 12 inches, their heads are actually only about 2 inches in size so the most delicate touch of the brush can alter an expression. Therefore, the steadiest hand and concentration was required as with my miniature paintings. You'll see in the detailed image that I've further refined Fujee's face and beautiful, soft green eyes. (Please excuse the digital camera sway on the tableline as it's perfectly straight in reality.)

A percentage of proceeds donated to:
Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona - CABRA
P.O. Box 7264
Phoenix, AZ 85011-7264
oil painting above; client photos below
To see Dorise's other boy, Rusty, scroll down a few more posts.

Yellow Lab pet portrait paintings in oil Sandy in the snow with red scarf

10x8 inches / oil on panel
Sandy, a beautiful Yellow Lab, is depicted here in a cheerful red scarf while she's paused from a moment of playing in the snow!  I loved painting her nose all covered in snow as well as her chubby tummy with the cool light of the snow reflecting upwards. 

This is the third painting to be posted this week with two more planned.  Trying to catch up on orders as everything must be shipped before the holidays!  To view my curernt commission schedule please scroll down.

Lilly, a 10 month old Bichon puppy, is a most precious little ball of fluff

8x10 inches / oil on panel
Lilly, a 10 month old Bichon puppy, is a most precious little ball of fluff pictured here in profile on a soft, sage green cushion.  I could almost feel her delicate curls of fur as I painted.
Scroll down to view my commission schedule.
If you would like to commission a pet portrait of still life please email me.

Morkie pet portraits in oil Penny sits amidst a summer garden edged with rocks

8x10 inches / oil on panel
Penny, a darling little Morkie with beautiful coloring and long, silky fur, sits amidst the grass near a late Summer garden of pink blossoms cascading over an edging of rocks.
This is the first of five (5) paintings to be posted this week per the following:
Penny (Mon)
Lilly (Tues)
Sandy (Wed)
Scottie & Fujee (Thurs/Fri)
Sammi (Sun/Mon)
I work on quite a few paintings simultaneously, juggling them on/off my easel between drying stages so check my commission schedule to see where yours are in the queue. click here

Rusty in Red Scarf Dog Portrait

12x12 inches / oil on panel
Rusty is such a charmer! Painting his silky fur, mauve pink nose, deep brown eyes and to top it off, his adorable little scarf with paw prints and bones was a sheer delight!  Following are two more images of the painting after color adjustment to remove excess red.  Also, you'll see in the client photo below that I adjusted the pillow covers to provide more contrast to Rusty's lovely fur.

A percentage of proceeds donated to:
Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona - CABRA

P.O. Box 7264
Phoenix, AZ 85011-7264

color corrected image of painting above
client photo below

taste testing, meeting Teddy, sitting pretty

taste testing, meeting Teddy, sitting pretty

...and one of my beautiful boys

...and one of my beautiful boys

and here are my big boys

and here are my big boys

...and our other big boy

...and our other big boy

my constant companion in the garden whom we lost to cancer this past spring

my constant companion in the garden whom we lost to cancer this past spring